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    The counter-insurgency life saver and anti-mine protector that offers optimum ballistic and landmine protection on the frontline.
    Anti Mine Vehicles

    of safety

    Heavy duty frame and suspension combined with state-of-the-art defence technology that guarantees 100% protection.
    Armored SUV

    to deliver

    Ergonomically designed with unbeatable combat efficiency. Whatever your mission, your troops are always safe.
    Patrol Vehicle

    for challenges

    Swift, efficient and comfortable – packed with features that make it your mobile fortress in the fight against insurgency.
    Light Armored Troop Carriers
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    We live in a modern, technology-driven world. We also live in a world of uncertain times, where violence, terrorist attacks, assassinations, and insurgencies are a reality we must be prepared to face, at all times.Know More
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  • Armored Vehicles

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